Children’s Literacy Campaign

We are currently fundraising for rural libraries and are introducing a children’s literacy program that will allow children to be read to daily by a volunteer, in a safe setting in their own schools; allowing children to receive the contact they desperately need with uplifting materials that are the foundation for growth and mental wellness.

Kids Strong and Free recently teamed up with Onoway and the County of Lac Ste. Anne, and Teresa Schapansky, author of the “Along The Way” children's series - our first step toward reaching our goal. This single, one-day event resulted in an astonishing amount of more than $500.00 raised through sales of the “Along The Way” books - just imagine what we can all do by working together.

The author has just released a 12 volume book series, entitled “Along The Way” and she has generously offered to donate a percentage of the proceeds of “Along The Way” book sales for the first quarter, to the Onoway Library. A literacy advocate at heart, the author has been a contributor to literacy programs across the country for the past 12 years and her contributions have had a positive impact on children and their literary pursuits.

How can you help? Please join us by supporting libraries across rural Alberta by giving the gift of reading today.

By purchasing the “Along The Way” books, your donation to our children is beyond measure. As aforementioned, a percentage of the proceeds for each book sold, will go directly to the children. The Along The Way series celebrates Canada in an educating and entertaining way.